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Spring Awakening Detox Retreat

spring crocus

Cleanse your mind and body of negativity and toxins with a full day detox and healthy living retreat that will help you nourish, love and care for your true self. Setting intentions for healthy habits and feel energized and rejuvenated after a long winter!

Vibrant Women Holistic Hormone Workshop

Join in on an Empowering Full Day Workshop for Women!

During this full and connective day together, we will explore several Holistic Modalities & Strategies for supporting women during the perimenopausal and menopausal transition phases.

Yoga Nidra and Soundbath

sound healing

sunday, april 28, 7:30pm – 9:00pm ~ Set intentions and clarify what you want to achieve or experience. Align your thoughts, actions, and energy towards a specific outcome, empowering you to live with greater mindfulness and direction and to cultivate a sense of clarity and purpose that guides you towards living a more intentional and …

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Remember Receive and Recalibrate – Womens Sacred Ceremony on May 10th. 

hummingbird and flower

Full day of Ceremony  Saturday May 10th 10am-8pm An intimate and nourishing Womens Ceremony to call in the highest frequency of love and receptivity with the divine feminine. Together we will program the Elemental energy within our poqpo-light energy field, to amplify potency, power and healing, so that we may align with the frequency of …

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Cleansing the Soul’s Mirror

eye in a mirror

Unlock Your Inner Peace: Experience the Transformative Power of Cleansing the Soul’s Mirror at the Salmo For-Rest Retreat

Saturday May 11th, 2024