Soul Sessions

Community Soul Sessions

Shake off those winter blues and make the most of the dark days by giving yourself the gift of wellness and connection.
We are hosting Soul Sessions once a month this fall/winter on Friday nights from 6pm – 9pm.
Meditation, Yoga, a different special offering every month, and sometimes the sauna!
Soul sessions are $55/person for the 3 hour session (plus $10 to use the sauna after) and we allow a maximum of 15 – 18 people (depending on offerings).

Friday, May 24, 2024

6pm – 9pm

“It’s all about opening, when I open myself to the world and it’s possibilities —even if it hurts, I become whole.

~Richard Wagamese

This Soul Session will invite you to move through practices rooted in letting go of limiting thoughts, habits and beliefs and learning to tap into a higher vibrational mindset through conscious awareness.

Reminding you of who you truly are and helping you find balance in order to live your life with more energy, enthusiasm, connection, healthy boundaries, abundance , self love, and immense gratitude.

Inviting good energy to fill you and learning how to let the negative go and pass through without holding onto it.

“Open yourself to the world and life’s possibilities and become whole”. ~R.W

Join our soul session and feel connected to a community of likeminded people on a path of higher energetic vibrations!

The offering:

~Mindful manifestation guided meditation forest bath walk. Tuning into our intentions and connecting back to the earth. Gather inspiration and objects from nature for your earth altar

~ Building earth alters to connect to yourself and the earth

~Energy balancing asana yoga practice


~Tea and Treats

$5 bring a friend discount.

Sign Up For a Community Soul Session

*Please etransfer your payment to to complete your sign up and hold your spot.

*Note that there are no refunds but the session can be transferred to another person or you can transfer your payment to a future Soul Session up to 1 week before the event.

Interested in staying at one of our rentals after the Soul Session? We offer discounted rates to our Soul Session Participants. Shoot us an email at to see if we have one available!