Our Trails

Over 3km on 54 Acres

For-rest Retreat Trails


We have over 3km of hand built trails on our 54 acre property with more on the way! All trails are suitable for hiking.

Recommended Mountain Bike Route:
Going clockwise from the parking to Cabin Trail > Green Bean > Upper Green Bean > Ridgeline > For-rest Trail > Sneaky Slabs (or West on For-rest Trail back to Green Bean & Cabin Trail).

Recommended Hiking Route:
Start on 1) Cabin Trail (easier route) OR 2) Sneaky Slabs (steep uphill, watch for bikes).
1) Cabin Trail > Lower Green Bean > Right on For-rest Trail > UP Ridgeline > Short section of Road on to Upper Ridgeline > Down Upper Green Bean > Road to Cabin Trail OR Lower Green Been > Cabin Trail.
2)Sneaky Slabs > Left (sw) on For-rest Trail > Ridgeline > Upper Green Bean > Lower Green Bean > Cabin Trail


Trail Descriptions

Cabin Trail

The cabin trail is where all other trails are accessed from. Starting from the rail trail, head southwest along the base of the cliff into a cedar forest. The trail climbs from there and gets a bit technical with some climbing just before you hit the junction with Green Bean. *Only cabin guests are allowed to continue on the Cabin Trail Past the Green Bean Junction.

Green Bean

Green Bean is a low angle multi-directional trail that can be hiked or ridden in either direction. It is split into 2 sections (lower and upper), divided by the road. Use Green Bean to access For-rest Trail and Ridgeline Trail.

For-rest Trail

The For-rest Trail is an intermediate (Blue Square) trail that Connects to Green Bean, Ridgeline and Sneaky Slabs. Mountain bikers can use the section from the bottom of Ridgeline to go back to upper Green Bean and repeat the upper loop. It can be hiked in either direction. *Note that the NE section past Sneaky slabs is only accessible to guests. If you are biking, you must exit via Sneaky Slabs.

–>Ridgeline Trail

Ridgeline is an intermediate trails with steeper slabby sections that can only be mountain biked in one direction (upper to lower). It is recommended to hike up Ridgeline but it can be hiked in either direction. Great views on a fun and technical trail section.

Sneaky Slabs

A short, steep trail that was built for an exit/entrance point to the Trail System as an alternative to the Cabin Trail. Meant only as an exit (one-way downhill) for mountain bikes. Can be hiked in either direction if you are comfortable with steep slabs (watch for downhill bike traffic)

Donate to help us build more trails

Hello and thanks for checking out the trails at For-rest Retreat! We hope you enjoy them.

The majority of these trails have been built by one person and we would love to be able to hire some more help now and again so we can build more trails faster (Maybe even rent a machine once in a while…gotta dream big!).

100% of your donations will go towards building and maintaining the trails at For-rest Retreat…so THANKS!

Look for more trails to come this season!

To donate to the For-rest Retreat Trails, please send an
e-transfer to info@for-rest.ca with the message ‘for trails’.

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