Winter Solstice Soul Illumination

DEC. 19th 6pm-8:30pm

Join together in an enriching, rejuvenating experience guided by the
solstice’s serene energy, witnessing the interplay within yourself
between the light and the dark, gleaning the messages of your own
soul wisdom during this phase of your life.
The evening will include:

  • Breathwork: Release stress, gently leading you into a relaxed state
    ready for the renewal and self-discovery ahead.
  • Collective Reiki: Bathe in healing energy, cleansing the chakras and
    connecting with the Divine energy, fostering balance and spiritual
  • Shamanic Journey: Be led on a shamanic journev through guided
    drumming to explore and integrate the lessons the darkness has
    taught you, reconnecting back with the light within your soul.
    Oracle Insights: Gain clarity through personalized card readings.
  • Journaling: Reflect on our journey and craft powerful
    affirmations/intentions for the coming year.
  • Tea and Snacks: Nourish the bodv and connect with like-minded
    Tuesdav Dec 19th, 2023
    $70 Investment
    Hosted at For-Rest Retreat. Salmo