Sound Immersion

Jayne Karma Lamo is a neurodiverse multi-instrumentalist, performer, recording artist and producer from Salmo, BC. Jayne creates layered ethereal alt rock and specializes in live looping when performing in local venues, drawing from multiple fully produced albums worth of original material as well as creatively delivering a wide array of covers. As a space holder, Jayne also creates deeply relaxing and nourishing soundscapes and very unique immersive sonic journeys for small or large groups.

Jayne will be delivering a series of 90 minute meditative and immersive sound experiences from 7:00pm – 8:30pm to nourish the mind and spirit. These sound journeys will take place at the Yurt, and involves guided meditation, singing, and the performance of many acoustic instruments including the gong, singing bowls, steel drum, flute, various chimes, drumming, and guitar. This experience is tailored to induce deep relaxation and be a safe space for personal reflection. Participants are required to bring a yoga mat and pillow, and encouraged to have a water bottle and eye covering for additional comfort. Blankets are provided.

DATES: OCT. 21, NOV. 25, DEC. 30, JAN. 27