Yoga Nidra and Soundbath

sunday, april 28, 7:30pm – 9:00pm

~ Set intentions and clarify what you want to achieve or experience. Align your thoughts, actions, and energy towards a specific outcome, empowering you to live with greater mindfulness and direction and to cultivate a sense of clarity and purpose that guides you towards living a more intentional and fulfilling life.

~ A Yoga Nidra and Sound Bath Offering.

$35/person, Limited Space

~ Set intentions and take some time to reflect on what truly matters to you and what you want to achieve in various aspects of your life ~

Yoga Nidra and Sound bath with Johanna and Chevayo, featuring multi-instrumentalist Felix Bourbeau (Aka Mossy Tree) on the handpan & didgeridoo, flute and more!

Chevayo and Johanna have been running Soul Sessions and retreats together since 2021. Chevayo’ s  offerings are intertwined with her diverse gifts, her unique off -grid upbringing and inspired by her love for the earth and all beings. Chevayo, a certified Sound Healer, is passionate about helping people feel grounded and reconnected to their hearts. Johanna’s lifelong dream has been to develop a property with trails and a gathering space where people can come to relax, be in nature and have space for personal growth. Johanna will be leading the Yoga Nidra and supporting Chevayo and Felix in the Sound bath.

Over a decade of travel around the world, Felix studied different ways to be of service to the world. Starting with yoga to shamanism, reiki, sound healing, music production, djing and life coaching, his curiosity keeps expanding. His journeys with plant medicine have been deepening his passion for music and the power that sound holds for transmutation. He is an intuitive musician and attunes to the field to channel the sounds that need to emerge to support the journey of connecting more deeply with yourself through breath and sound.


-A sound bath journey is a powerful tool to surface stored emotions in the body. This deep practice takes you in alpha, theta, and delta brainwaves to access the unconscious mind. Whatever emotions come forward are what you are ready to release. As you release blockages you will feel lighter and peaceful.

“The sound bath was amazing at the retreat. I didn’t expect to experience what I did with the full body experience, I feel I released something that wasn’t serving me.” ~ M. 

Wear comfy clothes, bring water, a yoga mat and pillow. We have extra mats, blankets and eye pillows.

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chevayo roddick with crystal bowls

JOhanna Mickel leading a yoga nidra