Sacred Circles: Self-Empowerment Through Somatic Modern Hoop Dance

4 workshops: June 1st. June 8th, June 15th, June 22

11:30 – 1:30

Do you wish that you felt more freedom to express yourself through words or movement?

Do you feel the call to dance?

Do you need a hobby to help you avoid overthinking and negative thought patterns?

Do you want to find a fun way to work out?

Then join the Panoptical Poet to learn about the art of hula hoop dance and how to stay in the flow of life’s sacred circles instead of spiraling out of control!

In the words of John Hartford: “The whole universe is based on rhythms. Everything happens in circles and spirals.”

Yet with the whirlwind pace of life today it can be difficult to connect to the rhythms of the world around us and ourselves. It is through reconnecting with the circle’s sacred energy that we can re-establish these important connections and find the peace we all crave.

This workshop will be held at the serene For-rest Retreat in Salmo running from June 1st-22nd. In four 2-hour sessions you will learn:

-the history of hula hoop dance and how to practice cultural sensitivity in the flow arts community

-about the vestibular senses and proprioception

-how hula hoop dance can help you regulate your mental health and recover from trauma

-and how to perform contemporary hoop dance for yourself or an audience.

Only 15 participants will be accepted for this sacred journey with circles so register today!

About Your Host:

Erin J. Bauman the Panoptical Poet has been an artist educator and hula hoop dancer for over 15 years. She has certification in Trauma Informed Coaching Practice EFT/TFT Conflict Resolution and Children’s Yoga Instruction along with a number of other writing and teaching degrees and certificates.

As a trauma survivor herself Erin discovered the healing powers of flowetry (contemporary hula hoop dance) ten years ago when a friend introduced her to hula hoops and the flow arts community. She has since performed at Nelson International Mural Festival and facilitated hula hoop dance workshops at Dandelion Festival in Salmo and Rainbow Park in Prince George B.C.

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