15 Crystal Bowls Sound Healing Experience Saturday, June 4th, 10 am – 12 pm

Crystal singing bowls and yoga combined with Therese Laforge and Carla Fox


For 6 years we have facilitated two hour sessions in Kamloops, Kelowna, Vernon and Lake Country in BC  and across many  prairie towns  on our fifth prairie tours, stretching across Alberta and into  Saskatchewan towns.

Our purpose:  to bring the soothing movement & sound of the crystal singing bowls to smaller communities, and to offer this service as a way to enhance personal development.

Method of delivery.

Guests are in chairs or prone on yoga mats.

The idea is to have our bodies feel really safe so we can relax.  Warmth, cleanliness and quiet  atmosphere around us helps create the ambiance for that inside work to be easy while the  body rests in a safe spot, 

What to expect:

slow harmonics to bring you back to your body, dreamy time, healing time, The sound is geared to the chakra system  having us move  through 7 major body centers.  Carla instructs  you in restorative yoga poses that require no effort and work with gravity to help us unwind and relax while  also focusing on a particular chakra.  Therese plays the bowls throughout the 2 hour session & Carla plays too when not instructing.  What happens mostly is that people let go of tension and stress and go home very relaxed.  We give instructions but are also allowing for lots of silence from us so you can grove with the sounds and do your own processing.

What to bring along:

Your water bottle, your journal if you are a writer, your chair or yoga mat and lots of blankets so you can stay warm. Dress in layers so you can control your temperature.

The invisible bring alongs:

Your curiosity, your list of what you have had enough of  and with which want to part ways. The other list of what you would like to manifest in your life.  These intentions are personal and do not need to be shared.  If the authorities allow it, we often write what we are releasing and we do a wee burning ceremony, there on the spot to let go.  If that is not allowed we take the papers home and burn them for you, often on the same day.  All of this to clear ourselves and let new ideas and insights come in.  It is a very creative time.

The  take home and the aftermath:

Group work is very potent even when we are not sharing. You may need to sleep more  as your body changes.  That is how we honour our nervous system . Continue drinking lots of water to help with integration.

We give our emails and numbers as we are interested in hearing about people’s experience.   thereselaforge.com is my website and my youtube channel is Terez Laforge where you can find recordings of what we have done with sound as a healing modality.

To sign up, please send an etransfer to terez@shaw.ca for $40 with a note: For-rest & your email.